Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is There Different Sizes on Head Wraps & Bows on Headband?

A: Yes, Head Wraps are According to The Child Head Circumference.

Newborn: 0-6 Months

Infant: 6 -12 Months

Toddler: 1-3 Years


Bows on Headband are  a One Size Fits all ( From Newborn to Adult) Headband. Very Soft and they don't loose their elasticity.


Q: What is a Head Wrap vs a  Bow on a Thin Nylon Headband?

A: A Head Wrap is a  5" Bow on a wide 4" (Same Pattern) Headband that wraps around the entire head.

Bow on a Thin Nylon Headband are a 4" bow on (Your Choice of Color ) Thin Nylon Headband, which is a one size fits all Headband. (Newborn - Adult).


Q: Can a Bow Be placed on a Clip

A: Yes, a Bow can be placed on Either a Alligator Clip or Nylon Headband